Joanne W. Alpharetta, Georgia

I can not recommend Shingle Saver enough! They gave us the peace of mind knowing our roof will be protected for the next 10 plus years saving us a lot of money!


Katie M. Plainfield, Illinois

They went way above my expectation and I can't thank them enough. We were planning on replacing our roof but after finding out our roof actually didn't need replaced Shingle Saver saved us over 15,000 dollars. We will be life time customers.


Larry T. Vero Beach Florida

My wife and I are seniors and we received a letter from our homeowners insurance saying that we needed to replace our 16 year old roof or they were going to no longer cover us. We didn't have it in our budget after getting estimates up to 17,000 dollars. Our friend from church told us they got their roof protected with Shingle Saver so we thought it was worth giving them a call. They took the time to explain and answer all the questions my wife and I had. They also brought out samples of shingles that had been applied with their product. They cleaned our roof one day and the next day they applied two coats of Shingle Saver. Tyler took before and after photos for us to send to our insurance company saving us from having to replace our roof. Thank you.


Carl D. Charlotte North Carolina

After a small hail storm we had roofing salesman telling us we needed to replace our old roof. My co-worker recommended Shingle Saver and I'm so glad we called them. To find out we actually didn't need a new roof and we got our roof sealed with Shingle Saver allowing us to no longer worry. Two thumbs up!