About Shingle Saver

Shingle Saver is an affordable clear waterproofing shingle application sealer that revitalizes and helps protect your roof shingles. Shingle Saver is designed to not only preserve but also waterproof, protect and bring the beauty back to your roof. Our high performance and revolutionary performance additives form a breathable finish and restores the original color. Shingle Saver eliminates harmful water intrusion by sheeting off water reducing the chance of mold and mildew. Shingle Saver was designed as an asphalt and fiberglass shingle sealer to revitalize and re-seal loose granules. Shingle Saver will give your roof 7 to 15 years of extended life.

Shingle Saver is environmentally friendly
Shingle Saver helps prevent shingle waste in our landfills. Millions of tons of shingles are dumped into our landfill every year. Granules are not biodegradable.

Benefits of Shingle Saver

Shingle Saver is a revitalizing clear sealer application developed to preserve and protect your asphalt shingles. Over 90% of roofs that are replaced do not need to be. Shingle Saver prevents the expensive cost of replacing your roof. Shingle Saver provides a warranty for 7 years while extending the life of your roof up to 15 years.

An investment as a Shingle Saver dealer is an investment in yourself.

Why become a Shingle Saver Dealer?

Create the lifestyle you want with a proven business model. Shingle Saver helps you to be your own boss with little startup costs, complete support and financial freedom. Learn more about the costs, benefits, and available locations today!

Perks of being a Shingle Saver Dealer
Simple Start Up – A simple start up with low-overhead, and smaller investment than other businesses with a lot higher profit margins WITHOUT ANY MONTHLY FRANCHISE FEES.

Highly In-Demand Need
There are over 84 million homeowners in the USA with over 5 million homes replacing their roof.

Personalized Trailer – Branded, professional trailer with Shingle Saver logo.

A History of Success – Family owned and operated. The owner and his family work with Shingle Saver.

Proven Marketing Strategies
Shingle Saver uses the latest marketing strategies to help you grow your market.

Flexible Life Style

A Shingle Saver dealership is designed to place more time back onto your life. Running your own dealership, you have the opportunity to give more time to yourself and your family.

All The Support You Need
Shingle Saver dealers receive support above and beyond you will find anywhere else.
Affordable and cost efficient
Protected territories
Scalable business
Growth opportunities
Low overhead
Marketing support
Ongoing training

The Ideal Shingle Saver Dealer is:

Driven – Ideal for an individual owner-operator who is looking to start their own business with a lower investment than other brands on the market today but higher profit margins.
Entrepreneurial – Must have “entrepreneurial attitude” and leadership skills.
Experienced – Background in business definitely helps but experience in the roofing industry is not necessary.

Business in a box

With over 40 combined years of roofing industry experience, our team has created a proven model that is truly a turn key business in a box.

Could this be the opportunity you have been waiting for?

Shingle Saver dealership could be your path to financial freedom.

What is the biggest investment a homeowner will make in their home? If you said their roof, you are right.

Each year, over 5 million homes in the United States replace their roof.

  1. Over 85% of roofs sold are asphalt fiberglass shingles.
  2. The craziest part is 90% of those roofs replaced DO NOT NEED TO BE.
  3. Residential roof replacements are extremely costly with a national average over $14,000.
  4. The average cost of a Shingle Saver application is just 15% to 25% of the cost of a roof replacement.
  5. Not only is a roof replacement costly but they contribute to an alarming amount of waste which is detrimental to our environment.
Join A Trusted Brand With Benefits

Shingle Saver offers dealers the experience and guidance of over 30 year’s experience in residential, rental property and commercial roofing services services. 90% of roofs that are replaced do not need to be. Just like our slogan says Don’t Replace Your Roof, Revitalize It! If you are dedicated to establishing your own service business, Shingle Saver has the right training, support, and systems to help you get up and running, operating and developing clients.

Available territories
Map of Usa

Cost to become Shingle Saver dealer
Cost Initial Dealer Fee $15,000
Total Estimated Initial Investment $58,500 to $62,000

Factors that determine your Shingle Saver dealership costs
We are ready to answer your questions about Shingle Saver costs

You may have questions about dealership financing or discounts that may be available to you.

Some of the components that determine the cost of your investment include:
Territory size
Start up costs

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