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    It’s more than a cutting-edge technology. It’s the driving force behind water-tight homes, the creator of visually enticing exteriors, and the ultimate cost-saver, slashing your outgoings by up to 85%. By introducing your asphalt shingles to our clear sealing solution, we won’t just protect your home against future damage. We’ll press ‘reset’ on wear and tear, avoid the wallet-draining cost of roof replacements, and extend your roof’s lifespan by up to 15 years.
    Yes! We think of our shingle sealer as the ultimate damage defense, blocking UV rays, turning back the clock on aging, and protecting your home exterior against future harm. It’s the best of both; prevention and a cure.
    The technology may be ground-breaking, but the concept is simple. Designed to put a malleable stamp on your shingles, our roof sealer will act as a shield of protection, defending your roof against the harshest of elements. From gusts of wind to sheets of snow, as well as cracks caused by the sun, there’s little this product can’t do.
    Simply the oil products do help in adding some flexibility but it ends there. Not all products are equal, Shingle Saver ads pliability but also is a topical acrylic sealer that helps against UV rays, and prevents mold and mildew, assists in re-sealing loose shingles, and most important Shingle Saver’s topical acrylic sealer prevents excessive granular loss. Simply Shingle Saver stops the aging process which is why it is the number one choice.
    Yes! We’re so confident in our shingle coating formula, we offer 7 years of protection. Complete peace of mind, at your fingertips.
    My roof is as good as new. Is it too early to try Shingle Saver? No – it’s as versatile as it is powerful. From protecting your brand-new roof against leaks to pressing ‘rewind’ on weather damage, our shingle sealer works on roofs of all ages.
    Absolutely! Designed to hit the brakes on costly roof replacements, leaks, and mold, Shingle Saver is renowned for its ability to add 7-15 years to the lifespan of your roof. Small investments, huge results.
    We’ve become known for our efficiency, without compromising on quality. Within just 2-6 hours, depending on the size and dimensions of your roof, we’ll carve a safety net against leaks, damage, and wood rot.
    We’d love to revitalize your home from the roof, down. Simply get in touch with one of our trained dealers, tell them about your needs, and sit back while your roof receives a new lease of life. Cost-effective, reliable, and ultra-safe – always.